Welcome to POTVIN SUCKS | A tradition of New York Rangers fans at Madison Square Garden since 1979



February 25th, 1979 at Madison Square Garden. Rangers vs. Islanders.


During the game, Islanders captain Denis Potvin laid a brutal check on Rangers center Ulf Nilsson. According to Nilsson it was a clean hit, but his skate got caught in a rut in the ice. The result was a broken ankle that sidelined Nilsson for months.


That night, a chant was born. Every time Potvin touched the puck, the crown shouted "POTVIN SUCKS!"  But that night was only the beginning. The now legendary chant would be heard again each time the Islanders came to town. It then took on a life of its own. The chant started to be heard at every Rangers home game no matter who the visiting team.


Sometimes you can even hear  "Potvin Sucks" at Knicks games and rock concerts.

While it's difficult to mock someone for winning numerous championships, Ranger fans latched on to the ridiculous when Potvin appeared in this embarrassing underwear ad.